If the computer that you have the Smokeless Range loaded to does not have an internet connection or has strict firewall restrictions that will not allow for an online activation, there are two ways to activate manually.

Activate from a different computer (Faster) (This method allows you to perform the activation yourself without waiting on a response from support)

Watch this video to generate a file that you can move to a different computer with an internet connection to register and generate a special file that you will then move back to the Smokeless Range computer and run to complete the license activation.

Click here to watch video

Activate manually by emailing codes (Slower) (This method requires waiting for code to be emailed back from support)

Watch this video on how to generate special codes that you can email to support@calibersimulation.com. Then we will generate a code to send back to you that you can enter to complete activation.

Click here to watch video