You can add your own targets to the Open Range. To do so it is very important to use the correct file structure and requirements to do so.

If you don't have Photoshop, there is a nice image editing software called GIMP that can be downloaded here for free.

Here is a video that walks through using GIMP to create the actual target files needed for the below steps.

Click here to watch video

Target Overview

1. Locate the targets folder by right-clicking on the Smokeless Range Desktop shortcut and selecting Open file location. Then navigate to the following folder. (LaserAmmo\Programs\OpenRange\Targets)

2. Take time to look at the existing targets which will give you a lot of info in itself on how to make your own.

3. Each target has 3 files needed. As an example, I will refer to the included Rusted Bullseye Target.

Main Target File - Rusted Bullseye.png
Target Thumbnail - Rusted Bullseye_preview.png (note that _preview has been added to the name)
Target Hit Zone - Rusted Bullseye-Score.png (note that -Score has been added to the name)

4. All targets need to have the background removed and saved out as a .png file with a transparent background.

5. The Main Target and Hit Zone does not need to be any larger than 720x720 in size. But it can vary in size as needed. The software runs at 1280x720 so anything larger than this would be overkill and would only be needed for a full-screen target.

6. The Thumbnail should be 166 pixels tall by 100 pixels wide.

Creating the Main Target file

1. Use an image that is of sufficient resolution. Around 640x640 is a good size but either of those sizes can change due to the shape of the target.

2. The image should be cropped down to just include the target with a slight amount of room between the edge and the target.

3. The target should be cut from the background so that only the target is left with a transparent background.

Main target file with background removed

Target File

4. Save the file as a png file.

ex. Rusted Bullseye.png

Creating the Preview file

1. Using the Main target file save it as a new file called Rusted Bullseye_preview.png

2. In the photo editor resize the target to 100x166 and save the file. If the target is wider than it is tall, you need to resize the width of the canvas to 100 and then add some height to the canvas if needed to make it 166. If the target is taller than it is wide, you need to resize the height of the canvas to 166 and then add some width to the canvas if needed to make it 100.

Preview file

Preview File

Creating Score File

1. Using the Main target file, save it as a new file called Rusted Bullseye-Score.png

2. In the photo editor, select the target and fill it with the following RGB color values:

Red: 1

Green: 0

Blue: 32

3. Save the new file.

Score File

Score File

If you have any problems or questions about adding targets please contact us at