You are able to add new backgrounds to the Open Range as long as they are added correctly. You will need either Photoshop or a free image editor like in order to create the files.


  • Locate the backgrounds folder by right-clicking on the Smokeless Range Desktop shortcut and selecting Open file location. Then navigate to the following folder. (LaserAmmo\Programs\OpenRange\Backgrounds)
  • Each background requires 2 files, the actual background image and the thumbnail image.
  • Both image files must be .png file format.
  • The actual file must be 1280x720 size exactly.
  • The thumbnail must be 200x113 exactly.
  • The actual file name should contain no spaces. (ex. Background9.png)
  • The thumbnail image must have the same name exactly with _preview added. (ex. Background9_preview.png)

Example Files are attached