You can add new targets to the M-Range as long as they follow the correct requirements. You will need either Photoshop or a free image editor like in order to create the files.

The targets folder for M-Range can be located by right-clicking on the Smokeless Range Desktop shortcut and selecting Open file location. Then navigate up one folder and then to the following folder. (LaserAmmo\Programs\Range\res\Targets)


  • Each target requires two image files. The target image and the score image.
  • The target image is located in LaserAmmo\Programs\Range\res\Targets.
  • The score image is located in LaserAmmo\Programs\Range\res\Targets\Score.
  • Both the target and the hit map image must be 256x512 in total size with 256 being the width. The target can be on a transparent background that is 256x512 as well as in the below example.
  • The target file name and the score file name for each target must match exactly.
  • Once both files are created, copy them into their respective folders and then they will show in the available targets in the M-Range editor on next launch.

This video shows the steps for creating the Open Range files. But it will help with learning the steps needed to create the two files needed for M-Range as well.

Click here to watch video