The Open Range allows you to Export and Import whole courses so they can be shared. When a course is exported it will contain all needed files including custom targets, sounds, and backgrounds. Follow the steps below to import a pre-made course.

(Please note: The course will import into the same folder it was exported from. So if it was created in a Course Type name called Luke's Courses it will import into the same Course Type Name on the other system that Imports it.)

Export a course

1. Open the Open Range Edit from the Smokeless Range Menu.

2. Select the course you want to export and click the Export button.

3. Select a location to export the file to. In this example, I have selected the Windows Desktop. Then click Ok to save the file to this location.

4. Click Ok on the confirmation window to complete the export.

Import a course

1. Download the exported course file. (Example Christmas Make sure to save it to a location that you can find on your PC.

2. Run the Smokeless Range and open the Open Range Editor.

3. Click Import

4. Navigate to where you saved the course file, select the course file, and click Open.

5. The course will now import and you will get a message that says Course successfully imported. Click Ok to dismiss this message and complete the course import.

6. You should now see the imported course in the course list.

7. Now Exit the Open Range Editor back to the Smokeless Range menu and Open the Open Range. You should now see the imported course located in the Course Type folder that it was exported from.

The imported drill will be displayed in the Course Type Name that it was exported from. So if you do not see it in the displayed course list click the Course Type List drop-down and check the other lists until you find your new course.