Please note, this is for advanced users that are familiar with Windows and altering files.

If you want to duplicate a stage in a Course in the Open Range editor, currently it can only be done manually. The following instructions must be followed exactly or the course file will become corrupt.

It is a good idea to make a copy of the course file before proceeding so you can revert back to a working copy if needed.

1. Right-Click on the Smokeless Range shortcut on your desktop and select Open file location.

2. Windows Explorer will be open to the LaserAmmo\Smokeless folder. You will need to navigate up one folder to the LaserAmmo folder then to the Programs\OpenRange\Courses folder and then into the folder your course is in. In this example the course is in the Demo folder.

3. Right-Click on the course file and select Open With, then select Notepad.

4. This will now display the course file structure. This is the most important step to get correct to ensure the file does not get corrupt.

There is an overall Stages section and then each individual stage in between. The structure is as follows...





Where <Stages> indicates the beginning of the section containing all stages. And where </Stages> indicates the end of the section containing all stages.

Inside these tags each stage is designated by everything between and including these two tags <Stage> and </Stage>

So, to copy a stage you would copy everything between and including <Stage> and </Stage>, then paste it on a line between </Stage> and </Stages>.

It would then look like this...

5. Now save the file and go back to the Open Range Editor and open the course again and you should not see a second stage that is a copy of the first. You can now rename and edit the new stage as needed.