User Account Specific

The Smokeless Range software is a user account specific installation. This means you must be logged into the user account that will be using the software when installing and activating the software. If that user does not have permission to run installations then you will need to either give the admin permission temporarily or run the installers as admin while logged into their account.

If the system will be installed in an environment where different users will log in and use it at different times, it is best to create a Smokeless Range user account and have all users log into this account when using the system as the software will only activate to a single user account.

Installation Path

The Default install path is in the Users C:\Users\(user account name)\AppData\Local\Programs\ folder. This is where software installs files that need write permission. It is recommended to use the default path.

If you choose a different install path, it must be a location that has write permissions. As an example, C:\Program Files (x86) is not a writable folder. If you install here laser tracking will not work along with other things as well.

While the Program Files folder is the most notable location it is seen that programs install to, it is only for the read only files of a program. If a program needs a location for write files they are installed to the AppData folder. So, most programs install files to both locations, we just choose to keep all the files together and install into the AppData folder.

If you need help

If you need help or have questions before installing the Smokeless Range, please contact us at