If you would like to customize or make any changes to any of the stock scenes you will need to make a copy of the scene with a different name or else the Scene Updater will overwrite these changes with future scene updates.

It is also a good idea to keep a copy of any modified scene in case you ever have a computer failure and need to load to a new PC.

Follow these steps to make a copy of the scene you would like to modify.

1. Right-Click on the Smokeless Range shortcut on the desktop and select Open File location.

2. Navigate up one folder to the LaserAmmo folder and then to LaserAmmo/Programs/VSTPro/Scenes

3. Right-click on the scene you want to modify and choose copy.

4. Right-click on the desktop and click Paste.

5. Rename the scene folder by adding some kind of tag before or after the scene name so that it is identifiable in the list. Ex. 2 Men in Backyard (Custom)

6. Open the scene folder and locate the Scene.xml file.

7. Right-Click on the Scene.xml file and choose Open With / Notepad.

8. Locate the <Name> section and change the name to match the new folder name. Ex. <Name>2 Men in Backyard (Custom)</Name>

9. Save and close the Notepad file.

10. Now right-click on the new copy of the scene folder on the desktop and select Cut. Then Right-click in the Scenes folder and select Paste.

11. Now you can run the VST Pro Scene Editor and select the newly named copy of the scene and make any desired modifications and they will not be affected by the Scene Updater.

If you have any questions please contact support.