The two most common things that stop the DF Camera from running.


If you try to launch the DF camera and nothing happens or the link says it no longer exists, most likely your antivirus has blocked and deleted the camera exe file.  You can check in your antivirus to see if it has flagged the driver falsely.

Every antivirus has a way to manually add an exception to a program to allow it to run. Every antivirus is different so you will need to consult your Antivirus support to find out how to add the exception.

Also, some antivirus will block software from accessing the webcam. Usually, if this is the case, it will display a warning when you run the Df Camera and you will need to select to allow it to access the camera.

Webcam access is disabled in Windows Security settings

It this feature is activated in Windows security it will block the camera from being accessed. It can be turned back on in the following screen.

In the search box type Settings, then click on the Settings app.

In the Settings screen, click on Privacy.

In the Privacy Screen click on Camera in the left column. Then under Allow apps to access your camera make sure it is turned On.