While the Smokeless Range core drills are not designed to alter or change the targets it is possible to replace one of the existing targets if you so choose. This will require a program like Photoshop and knowledge on how to use it. If you do not have Photoshop please see the Adding targets to Open Range article on using the suggested alternative. 

Please note, as this is not officially supported, updating the Smokeless Range will revert the target back to the stock target. It is suggested to keep a copy of the new target files somewhere to make it easy to copy back over the files after running an update.

Important! When you replace the existing target the new target must retain the exact same file name for each of the corresponding replaced files as the original target you are replacing.

1. Right-Click on the Smokeless Range desktop shortcut and select Open file location.

2. Navigate to the Targets folder for the Smokeless Range. AppData\Local\Programs\LaserAmmo\Smokeless\Apps\Targets

This contains all the targets used by the core drills of the Smokeless Range.

3. Each of the included targets has 3 associated files. Each will need to be replaced with the new target file while retaining the same overall image dimensions and file name of the original target file being replaced. Note that the target file type is PNG.

Target Files

Main file - 256x512 (located in the root Targets folder)

Score File - 256x512 (located in the Score folder) (see Adding targets to Open Range article for how to create the Score file)

No-Shoot File - 256x512 (located in the NoShoot folder)

As an example, if I am going to replace the existing target 7Ring.png, I will create the needed new files of my new target and replace the existing 7Ring.png files but retain the name 7Ring.png.